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Co-Scholastic Areas of Skills

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Co-Scholastic Areas of Skills

For practical life and behavioral projection of personality the following skills are assessed and graded:-

The above qualities can be assessed by the student's day behavioural culture. The above skills reflect the behaviour of individual student being observed by teacher. The grading will also be given accordingly dependent on student's practiced ability and dexterity. Debate, Extempore, Seminar, Science, Rangoli, Computer, Quiz programming, Essay Writing, Elocution, Guest lecture, Mono Acting are the field of assessment.

Skill is ability to improve something well to very well. This virtue improves the quality of work day by day. This teaches us-"There is no best which can not be bettered”. A man with skill keeps improving to reach the height of glory and becomes a man of history by creating something new. Our children must be encouraged their skill and improve them.