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Founder's Desk

R.S Tripathi

Four Ideals

Character building is of a great sense in education
Loving all beings of the world, sole aim of education
Education gives knowledge which ever refines our Wisdom.
By dint of social justice lets us learn to make our Nation.

I feel pride in opening an institution for small children of my nation to make them grow the way present circumstances of our country demand. Peace is the only perfection of living of all the beings. Even the wars are being waged to procure peace alone. As per the demand of time we require our children Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and spiritually fit not only to face the world but to make the world.

Two World Wars of 20th century have made us realize that peace is the best and only alternative to survive longer. Being a military officer, I thought it, the most befitting to donate my retired life in grooming the present generation for being fruitfully meaningful to the whole of humanity. The best path to my judgment remained only education. Fortunately in total duration of my military service I could avail the opportunities in serving the prestigious Army Training Centers like Officer's Training Academy Madras (now Chennai), Army Cadet College Dehradun. A.E.C Training College Pachmarhi, National Defence Academy pune and Indian Military Academy Dehradun. With the grace of God I got the opportunities of attending the courses to enhance my education like I did L.L.B from Lucknow University, B.Ed from Sagar University (in both the degrees I was awarded Gold Medals). I did M.Ed. from Pune University and Ph.D from Kanpur University.

Initially, I was just a Post Graduate in Geography from Allahabad University. The combination of mY services in training institutes of Army and attaining the degrees from various parts of India encouraged mY emotional attitude to remain in the field of education till I live. I am doing the same. It is not my duty to boast of mY endurance and devotion. I have served as Principal Army School Lucknow and Maharishi Vidya Mandit Bilaspur before opening this school. Let the parents and pupil speak of my services rendered to them. My every thing is sincerely devoted in this service. My concept and aims are clear with the help of the following diagram in process of educating our children for making their personality. It is world-wide requirement.

Let us flourish our children with what so ever we have. Let them learn to live and so decently behave.


Let them earn to live without any craze of name. Let them emit the fragrance of their love and fame.


Col. (Dr.) R.S. Tripathi