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From Managing Director's Desk

R.K. Tripathi

The student of CARE school is always thought to “look up” and “lift up”. Our philosophy of education has always been to meet the need of student and to make them to set, for themselves, high standard goals and aspirations in every sphere of life. We at CARE school are always trying to make surroundings stimulating and purposeful. We try to make school, a place where children are encourage to say “I see it”, “I get it”, and “I can do it”.

The digital revolution is affecting all of us quite simply. It is changing everything. It provides a brilliant barrage of information, entertainment, and education. Everything is very easily and speedily available on net. In spite in CARE school we try to understand and work with each student individually. We motivate our staff to take the responsibility of each and every student and enable them to develop as a whole.

In this era of cut throat competition it is of paramount importance to impart an integrated education to our student. We want them to be future disciplined citizen of the nation with multiple talents. Therefore we lay special emphasis on curricular and extracurricular activities to fulfill the goal of imparting disciplined and quality Education.

We believe the student, parents and teachers, all play vital role in helping the student to reach their greatest potentials. Parents are encouraged to check the progress of their ward, student are encourage to take advantage of various resources, Available in the school, like library, labs, computer rooms and smart classes etc with the help of teachers training programme to make themselves updated with latest trend in education sector.

To channelize the creative aspect of the student, school comes up with school magazine. The purpose of which is not just communicate its thought but also highlight the success and achievement of student, teacher and the school as a whole. It gives an insight to ones thought and creative through varied expressions.

I congratulate entire Editorial Team, Principal, Administrative Officer, Chief Operating Officer, staff and student for their hard work and dedication which has resulted in publishing of 2nd edition of our magazine.

Capt. R. K. Tripathi

Master Mariner
(Managing Director)