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Value Based Education

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Value Based Education

"Religions are reality in India. The Indian state is secular but society is religious. There is no contradiction between the two. Religion texts like Quran;  Gita, Upanishads, Bible and Zend-Avesta constitute a huge ocean of universal values. If children learn these in different classes, they will develop respect for religions other than their own.".
A dozen of divine decencies being decorated in C.A.R.E.
  • Self-Control to attain self-esteem.
  • Self-Discipline for self-reliance.
  • Problem solving skills for leadership qualities.
  • Divine virtues for universality in behaviour.
  • Moral education to overtake materialism.
  • Spirituality in occupation for contented career.
  • Global mind to shape honourable-world citizen.
  • Value based religions for amiable co-existence.
  • Enlightened vision to love all the beings.
  • Selfless support for being kind to all.
  • Making true to self for being noble to everyone.
  • Develop tolerance to attain no-violence.
Fostering seven superiorities of worldly gains by C.A.R.E.
  • Shaping our student's creativity into national productivity.
  • Diverting their outlook towards poverty into dignity of labour.
  • Changing their bagging & borrowing habits into energetic occupation or employment.
  • Modifying their day-to-day behaviour into ethical etiquettes.
  • Promotion their mode of friendship into world-fraternity.
  • Ameliorating their aggressive outlook into compassionate response.
  • Reversing their corrupt practices towards their honest commitments.


The basic requirements of value based education are:
  • Firm foundation must be laid in early childhood.
  • Early childhood requires utmost training and care.
  • Teach your children oneness of God.
  • Parents to make their children religious in optimistic sense.
  • The responsibility of children's education is of whole community.
  • There must be spiritual approach in moral education.
  • The education on universal and human values.
  • Balance between one's own cultural heritage and universal values.
  • There must be proper analysis of true education.
  • Education must help both individual and social growth
  • Cultivate positive attitude in thinking.
  • Ability to show respect to elders and equals.
  • Sense of cooperation to every person.
  • Ability to judge other's problems must be inculcated.
  • Ability to supress negative thinking must be created.
  • Ability to be sympathetic to all.
  • Must be ready and volunteer to solve other's problems.
  • There must be healthy outburst of emotions.
  • Broad mindednedd in the need of time is prime importance
  • Ability to understand all the religions in real sense which leads to humanism.
Value Based Education Value Based Education

Such education enriches the ethical, moral and human values of the life and enlightens the personality of children to grow as great persons. The following fields of education have to be developed for values based education:-

  • Spiritual discourses
  • Moral science courses
  • Classes of yogic exercise
  • Meditation classes