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Yoga & Meditation Classes

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Yoga & Meditation Classes

YOGA will form the part of training at C.A.R.E.

  • To relax and focus the mind on breathing steadily and rhythmically.
  • To achieve mental and physical balance in relaxation.
  • To achieve spiritual peace overcoming the fears, worries, anger and lust.
  • To improve concentration and registration of mind for the health of gaining education smoothly
  • Lets you learn as to how to avoid disturbance of mind and thinking hay-wire.

"Meditation is the natural process of withdrawing attention from environmental, physical and mental processes and consciously directing it inward to a chosen focus of attention.

Regular Personal Benefits of Meditation
  • Stress reduction.
  • Strengthening of body's immune system.
  • Slowing of biological aging factors.
  • Cultivate cheerfulness and optimism.
  • More orderly and scientific thinking.
  • Regain Natural Breathing Rhythm
Authentic Spiritual Growth from Meditation
  • Improvement in Power of Concentration.
  • Feel happy and peaceful.
  • Mental calmness is experienced.
  • Makes a man sympathetic organ of society
  • Increase tremendous tolerance as a lesson to others
  • Realisation of your true self and your constant relationship with Infinite.
  • Maintains pleasant Emotional Balance

The students, by and large, choose a nutritious diet to maintain healthy lifestyle. By meditation they adhere to wholesome routines of activities and rest. Spiritually they feel fulfilled and their actions become quite constructive for whole world and all Human Beings. Their smiles spead fragnance of affection in realm of fraternity and reduce stress of repulsion and hatred. This is a social requirement worldwide.